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Tip of the Day Lexington Wedding Photographer

Hey guys, Crystal Here !

Today's tip is one I talk with my clients about the most.

So many of my brides tell me they are or were overwhelmed with how many vendors there are to choose from when it comes to planning their wedding.

My advice is simple :

Use referrals from friends, family, co-workers. Ask around !

Read all of the Reviews - If they don't have any that's okay too, Not every wants to review the vendors and it doesn't mean the vendor is bad.

Speak with your vendors - I can not stress this enough, I know , I get it , its time consuming trying to find the right vendor and all you want to see is the vendors pricing. Here's the thing that most couples forget about, You want to book a vendor you connect with , not just based on the price. There is a saying you get what you pay for and it's true.

Put a budget together for each vendor, most vendors such as my self have a base price listed on their website, If right out the gate you already know their base price is out of your budget move on, If they don't have base price at all posted, CONTACT THEM. CONTACT all of your vendors and do not just ask for the pricing. TRUST ME !!

Take the vendors up on the offer to chat for a few minutes, It will truly help you and the vendor. I don't ask my clients to meet in person, I get that we are all busy, but I do like to make an quick phone call to chat about details and how my pricing works. So many times brides have contacted me and then when I reach out asking for a few minutes of their time they " ghost" me and leave hanging onto an empty inquiry. I don't just send my clients my pricing right when they first inquire, because for me I want to know what you all have planned, what your looking for in a vendor and why and most importantly I want to make sure we are going to be the right fit for each other. I want to get to know a little bit about you !

Here's a question how will you even know if you are truly going to like that vendor, just based off the fact that they have good pricing? You might find out on the wedding day you just don't vibe and that puts a bad taste in your mouth towards your vendors and the end product. Your wedding matters to me, and your images from your wedding are my top priority.

I am willing more times then not to help put a package together that will fit with my couples needs and budget within in reason of course, But you would know that if you don't take to 5 mins to talk to me. Now this doesn't always work for all of the vendors you are hiring. Some will not budge on the pricing and that's okay, there are plenty of vendors available for everyone.

Just please remember to take the few minutes and chat with the vendor, and ask questions , listen to what they have to say and Don't just ask for the pricing and move on when they are out of your price range. Remember not every vendor will budget and I am in no way telling you to negotiate the vendor down hundreds of $$$ , If you honestly can't afford them that's okay if they are $100 over your budget ask, the worst they can say is no. For some one us we are happy to help our couples have the beautiful wedding they have been dreaming of.

You never know about vendor until you talk with them. They could have been the perfect vendor for you and you let them slip away because you can't see the pricing first thing when you connect with them.

I truly love working with all of my couples and there's not a dry eye in sight on the wedding day and that's what you want from a vendor. You want a friend !

So take the time to chat with them, Don't be afraid to respond with yes I'd love to hear more and they are truly out of your budget kindly tell them and guess what ask them if the know of a vendor who's just as good that might fit in your budget I know I have a handle full of vendors I can refer my clients too if I am unavailable or out of their budget. Just ask ! We are all happy

to help.

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