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Timeless Affordable Imagery | Lexington Kentucky Wedding Photographer

I often talk with amazing couples who are on the search for the perfect wedding photographer only to find out that my self among other wedding photographers are out of their budget. Which got me thinking, Yes I have my pricing set at a rate in which covers my cost of running a business , there is a ton that goes into running your own business so like many photographers my rates reflect those cost. What if there was a way to offer a smaller package for those couples who would still really love to have those breathtaking images that they'd be able to cherish for year to come without breaking the bank. I have decided for a limited time to offer a more budget friendly package for those that love my work but need a smaller budgeted package. I will be honest it will be bare bones, but here's the thing you'll still have incredible images . This package will be available for a limited time and is good for all bookings with new clients in 2019-2020-2021 .

Connect with me to find out about this special package. If you've been on the fence about booking with us, Now is your chance!


A Wave of the Wand Photography

Pink Blossoms  Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographer
Exquisite Reception | Lexington Kentucky | A Wave of the Wand Photography

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A Wave of the Wand Photography is a Lexington , KY Wedding Photographer, Who specializes in Wedding and Engagement Portraits. We proudly serve Lexington, Kentucky  as well as the surrounding communities. We also Love to Travel to your neck of the woods.  Contact us today to book your Engagement Session or Wedding with us. 

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