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Reason's Why You Need An Unplugged Wedding | A Wave of the Wand Photography | Lexington Kentucky

If you have been to a wedding recently, You might just know and understand what I am talking about. The bride starts her walk down the aisle and bam it's like a sea of cellphone's , Ipads, and Camera;s . Everyone is focusing on the screen in front of them, Not the Bride walking down the isle.  It's completely understandable seeing as though 90% of us handle our every day lives on our cellphones. We spend most of our days, sending emails, responding to text messages., phone call's in is a natural thing to have our cell phone in our hand.

For a Wedding , This has become a bigger issue. So let's start at the begging ,  What is an UNPLUGGED WEDDING? 

An Unplugged Wedding is where you ask your guest to turn off all of their mobile devices, such as cellphone's , ipads, cameras and anything other items such as go pro's- instant cameras. This also your guest to relax and enjoy the event and it also frees up any distractions, your guest are all able to see the ceremony, with out folks in front of them holding up their cellphone's the entire time.  Your Photographer will be there taking pictures, Which is why you hired them in the first place. When guest are in the way taking photo's with their mobile devices, it makes the photographers job harder trust me, It really does.  When we are taking pictures and everyone behind us has a camera out, Your bridal party doesn't know where to look, everyone is looking all different directions and we've even had family and friends tell the couple to look at them first while we are standing right next to them.  (  you know the gal you hired)  It takes time out of your scheduled. We've run across this issue more times then not.  I as your photographer have to work a lot harder to get all of those beautiful photo's taken . You can have an Unplugged Wedding that is strictly during the ceremony , Other clients have taken it a step father an included on the wedding invitations that all mobile devices will not be allowed at the entire event.  I They have also asked that their guest not share any photo's on social media and just enjoy the time they are having. Whether you have an Unplugged Wedding or not is up to you.  I strongly recommend to all of my clients that you think about this option and talk it over, I am always here to help answer questions, Concerns about it as well. 

Weddings are expensive, and people go to great lengths to make them special and memorable. Phones ruin that vibe.” This is so very true, all of clients have worked hard to pay for the incredible vendors and the venue and the food. Have your guest be apart of the wedding, by asking them to leave the mobile devices behind. 

Why you should have an unplugged wedding? First and fore most , It's your wedding day, you have spent countless hours planning and putting together every little detail for your wedding day , so why ruin it? Take a moment to think about your guest and why you want them to be there, You want them to be there to enjoy the moment enjoy the moment of you getting married. There is no need for guest to be checking their phone, there is no need for your guest to take photos, you have hired a professional photographer like my self to document the day's events so you don't have to worry about a thing. 

Your guest may feel like you are banning phones and camera's and yes " Banning" sounds like a strong word, it isn't about them , it's about getting your family and friends, your guest of your wedding day, to understand that you have hired me, a professional wedding photographer and that they can view these photos once they are ready. Your guest, your family and friends need to understand that you want them to be there and really enjoy the moment, I know you have heard this a hundred times. It's true. 

There are so cute and clever ways to advise your guest not to use their phones or camera while the ceremony is taking place. You can post cute signs , add a little message in your invite. Check out Unplugged Weddings on Pinterest for idea's and suggestions on signage, wording and creative ways to inform your guest , simply put It's Your Wedding Day !   

All I want for all of my clients  is to have a beautiful stress free fun filled wedding day. 

That's why you've asked us to be apart of your wedding day, to Capture the day's event so you can spend the day with family and friends.  You can put your trust in your photographer and know that we have your best interest at heart, You won't miss a single event and you will have images that you will love for years to come. 

We'd love to treat you to coffee or tea and get to know you a little bit more. 

Let's Chat Soon !

A Wave of the Wand Photography is a Lexington , KY Wedding Photographer, Who specializes in Wedding and Engagement Portraits. We proudly serve  Lexington, Kentucky  as well as the surrounding communities. We also Love to Travel to your neck of the woods.  Contact us today to book your Engagement Session or Wedding with us.

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