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MillaNova Winery Wedding, Mount Washington Ky, Chelsea & Casey

Chelsea and Casey met at a scouting training and became acquaintances and started becoming friends the more they would see each other at other trainings and events. There were both going through something similar in their own lives which led them to longer conversations and getting to know each other outside of scouting. Casey really helped Chelsea through some tough times and quickly became someone she could turn to and vice versa. They just clicked early on and when the time was right they decided to explore what was between them. After a while they made the decision to get their kids together to see how they would be together because they both knew it was a total package deal. other kids hit it off well and really got along despite the age differences.

Casey, with the help of his best friend (his best man), planned an outdoor movie night where all of the kids were able to be there. They watched one of their kids favorite movies and then Casey had a sweet slide show of pictures for Chelsea which he followed with the sweetest proposal and then FIREWORKS!! I capitalize fireworks because this is a man who said they were just like lighting money on fire and he would never buy them but he knew I loved fireworks. To top it all off, my niece was born that evening.

The wedding had an Alice in Wonderland Theme, which if you know me , you know I love love love Disney so I was so excited to see what Chelsea and Casey had in store on their wedding day for the wedding decor. The venue was decorated beautifully and there were so many sweet Alice in Wonderland touches to their special day.

Venue: MillaNova Winery

Photography: A Wave of the Wand Photography

Dress: Curvy Bridal in Cincinnati

Grooms Tux: Jcpenny

Caterer : Good Friend

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