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How to pick the right photographer for you!!

One thing I will say, Do not base your decision solely on price. Price is good yes, But if you choose cheap that often times will be exactly what you get. Make sure before you start your search for the perfect wedding photographer, you sit down and put a budget together of what your highest amount you want to spend and the lowest. Meaning you set your budget to be $1800 is the most you can spend, however you wont go below $1000 for a photographer because this is a once in a life time moment and you want those memories captured. Don’t go with the photographer who is offering all day for $700.00 just because they are cheap. Unfortunately after the wedding so many brides regret going with the cheaper option. Cheaper doesn’t always mean better.

Here are some key things to consider :

  1. Portfolio. Look at all of their avenues for their images, Website, Facebook, Instagram . This will give you an idea of the type of wedding photographer they are. More times then not a busy wedding photographer won’t always have time to update their website, But their Social Media site will have updated work from recent weddings.

  2. Experience, Look for experience with shooting weddings. Ask how long they have been in business. Most professional wedding photographers will have that listed on their website.

  3. Packages, Compare pricing , packages and what’s included in each. If someone is a little bit out of your budget and what I mean by that is , They are $200.00 over your budget, Simply ask them if they have a smaller package that fits withing your budget. Often times we will make a package that fits your needs. However asking them to take off $500-1000 isn’t something they will do.

  4. Please don’t ghost them, If they respond asking to chat, Text them, Email them, Call Them, Don’t just read the message and ignore them. If you end up finding another photographer you like, Send a quick thank you so much for your time email and let them know you found someone else. Ghosting is not okay. We put a lot of time and effort into responding to our clients and if you are truly not interested, Don’t ghost .

  5. If you feel you really like and them are the perfect fit for your big day, Don't wait .. Often times we have more then one inquiry for a wedding date and a date is not saved without a contract and a paid retainer so if you decide to wait to book there is a really good chance they might not be available when you are ready to book.

  6. If you do not have the funding available to book, I highly recommend waiting until the funds are available. Again if you wait they might not be available. If you are worried about them booking before you are ready, talk to them about a smaller retainer to secure your date and any payment plans they may have available, If you are just price shopping, Be honest upfront that you do not have any funds or desire to book you are just looking and researching to see what the cost is going to be.

If you are interested in booking with me, Shoot me an email @ I would love to chat details with you.

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