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How to create the perfect wedding day timeline , A Wave of the Wand Photography , Lexington Kentucky

When it comes to your wedding, timing is everything! That’s why creating a wedding day timeline is absolutely vital — even running a few minutes late can throw the whole day off-track , which wont make you or your guest happy. Here are a few of my tips that I give to my clients when we sit down to put together their wedding day timeline. A good timeline is important to your wedding day, But the most important piece of advice I can give you is this - Things are going to happen, on time or not, Remember to just relax and enjoy the day, Things will happen and they day will go on whether it runs 100% smoothly or it has a few hiccups, Enjoy the little moments you will have with your family and friends.


Think about your wedding’s unique logistics.

There are several decisions you’ll need to make before you can start creating your wedding day timeline. If you can answer these questions, you’re probably ready to start creating your wedding schedule!

Will you be getting ready at your ceremony location or off site. Are your ceremony and reception in separate locations. If you have some distance between your ceremony and repetition you'll want to factor travel time into your wedding timeline, and when you add travel time , You will want to add in time for traffic or any type of driving delays. Are you needing to provide transportation for your guest? Is your ceremony site a bit of a walk from the parking lot which will take guest a while to talk to and from? Are you planning on having a first look and doing photo's before the ceremony. Do you want to wait to have all of your photos taken during the cocktail hour to do couple and group portraits. How long do you think your ceremony will be. Do you plan on having toasting and special dancing? How many toast are you going to allow. Does your reception venue have a hard stopping time, like a curfew. How much time is included in your vendors contracts. How long are your photographers , DJ/ Band , Videographer going to be at your wedding. Does your venue require you to clean up after the reception is over/

2.) Think about starting early, Like really early.

To be honest your wedding day is going to a be a long but incredible day. You really should start the getting ready process as early as you can, if you plan on taking photos before the ceremony which I highly recommend you do, This helps get a ton of pictures out of the way and more time to focus on the reception. If you ceremony starts at 4 pm , I would recommend starting prep at around 9 am. It may seem insane , but you should realize that it can take 90 minutes or more for the bride to get her hair and makeup done. This also helps with the timeline if your bridal party is getting their hair and makeup done , that will add more time to your day. All in all starting your day as early as possible is an incredible idea.

3.) Make sure to add some buffers to your timeline

With out fail there might be something that happens on your wedding day and you'll have a small hiccup which can cause some delay in the days events. Make sure to add time to eat breakfast before you start the day, just make sure you buffer and allow for little windows of time in your schedule. I would highly recommend hiring a Day of Coordinator to help pull all the details together and help keep you and your vendors on track . You will be extremely glad you added some extra time in your scheduled for the just in case's hiccups that may pop up.

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