Happy 14 Year Anniversary Matt & Crystal, Lexington Wedding Photographer

I am a few days late with this post, Of the things I am changing out my business is creating more post about me, So you as my clients can see who I am and my little world, I know how hard it is to plan a wedding and choosing the right vendors, You want your day to be perfect and your vendors should be one's that you can trust and that you love! So I am working more on adding me into the mix of post's so you can see my bubble face more often. My husband and I just recently celebrated our 14 yr anniversary, It's a crazy to think that in 2019 we've been married this long and are still going strong. One piece of advice I was given before I got married was this, you are marring him, all of him, he may change, his likes , his dislikes, who is as a person and that's okay, You change with him, You keep directing his path and visa versa, your going to change, and grow as we get older it's the fact of life . You work together as a team, there will be tears, and their will fights, It's how you work them out together, Don't ever forget it's the two of you, Your a team. This is something that we still carry with us in our minds. We fight yes what married couple doesn't it's how you work it out and end the note together. We'd have some adventures along the way as every married couple will. We have two beautiful babies who are growing up too quickly and making their own mark on this world. The biggest thing is, I have someone by side through the tears, the pain, the laughter , the joy and messes all of it, that I love and respect. That is my wish for all of my clients as well, the live a wonderful happy , healthy life with someone by their side.

Here's a few old school images from our wedding day. You can see how much wedding photography has changed over the years as well.


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