Carnival Valor Cruise September 2019

Every year my family and I take a cruise's to some amazing ports of call, to just unwind and enjoy our time together before the busy holiday season approaches. This year we sailed from New Orleans , Louisiana , to Cozumel Mexico and Yucatan Mexico. The weather was amazing and the views were breathtaking. If you've ever cruise before , you know there's so much to do and see, One of my favorite things about cruising is meeting the people. While I was sailing with family, it's neat to meet folks from all over, I had the pleasure of meeting 3 amazing couples while on board and I know we are just going to be life long cruise friends. I just couldn't wait to share a little teaser from our sailing. Also one of the sweetest couples I met during

our week long trip became engaged on the trip, and you can bet I took some pictures of it too, I'll be sharing those really soon.


A Wave of the Wand Photography

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Carnival Valor | A Wave of the Wand Photography

Carnival Valor | A Wave of the Wand Photography

Carnival Valor | A Wave of the Wand Photography

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