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Sharing some common questions we get asked often! These are especially helpful for those of you who are in the early stages of planning your dream wedding. We know it's hard to choose the right vendor and when it comes to finding a right photographer you want to make sure you've asked all the right questions.


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How do you approach shooting a wedding ?
I approach all of my clients weddings , with the same frame of mind. Capture those truly once of a lifetime images you cherish, while having fun doing it , It's simple really right? We'll yes and no - For me I take it one second at a time and watch how the day unfolds, I am there to capture the coming and goings of each wedding and each wedding will have different aspects to their special day. No two wedding are ever the same. My main goal really is I try to blend into the background as the day unfolds , Capture all of those forever moments, while gently giving guidance when needed and helping to keep you on track and on time. For me with each and everyone of our weddings, I want you to enjoy your day and not stress over the "what if's".


Where are you located?

A Wave of the Wand Photography is located in beautiful Sparks, NV ( Northern Nevada) .

Our wedding photography services of course are offered around the United States. So even if you aren't in our neck of the woods, that's just fine. We just really love to travel and we love that our clients can share a little bit about their home town with us.

So now your thinking - Great What does is cost to have you join us ?

All of our travel fee's are always included in our package pricing for any wedding package 8 hrs or more. That's right there isn't an added charge to any wedding in the United States.


Can I see an entire wedding?

 Yes of course you can, and we have lots of weddings for you to see.

We can meet up for coffee chat about your wedding details and you can see some of weddings from start to finish. We offer a complementary consultation for all of couples for this very reason, It gives you a change to see our work and questions.


What type of editing do you provide? Can you make me slimmer, make me look younger?

We provide a basic natural edit to all of your images, we clean them up a bit, and this is a question we get asked often. We shoot exactly what is in front of us, and our goal is to capture the love and joy of your wedding day just the way we see it. We want your wedding day to be your wedding day, not over processed, and different, so we are unable to make any of our clients smaller, younger , slim out arms etc, We capture you as you are in that moment. We carefully sort through the images and filter out duplicate shots, blinking/open mouths, flash misfires and any unflattering expressions, so all you see is the very best images of your day.

Have you worked with out of state clients?

Yes we have and we work with out of state clients very often . We offer a wide variety of ways to communicate with us and we always work with your schedule. Skype, Facetime, Facebook Messaging, Email, Text, Phone Calls. We can setup a consultation that works with you and your schedule at any time


Do you provide every image you have shot?

No we do not for various reasons. We eliminate the ones that we feel are duplicates or images that may dilute the overall product we provide to our clients, we deliver only the best of the best images from your wedding. but don't worry you will have plenty of images from your day that you will fall in love with. 


How do I set up a complementary consultation?

You can contact us via phone, email or fill out the contact us form and we will setup a convenient date and time for you to meet over coffee.  Out of state, we provide several options for you as well. 


So what does it take to book with you for our big day?

Once you've decided we are the right fit for your big day, We do require a Signed Contract and Non- Refundable Retainer to secure your date. We only book one wedding per day , and ALL Dates are First Come , First Serve. Most of our clients book 6 months to 1 year out from their wedding date. If you decide to wait , Just keep in mind your date might not be available with us the closer you get you your wedding date.  We do offer payment plans as well . Chat more with us for full details. 


I really LOVE my photo's how can i best express my happiness? 

You can share and like photos on our facebook page, Leave us an awesome review on our facebook page for future clients to see, or send us a kind email or letter expressing your happiness for our work. It is always greatly appreciated when our clients take the time to leave kind words about working with us. It truly makes us happy and it gives future clients a way to see how much we are truly loved. 


How long will it take to see my images? 

  It typically takes 5-10 weeks for our clients to see their full viewing gallery, We pride our selves in taking our time going over each and everyone of your images to ensure our clients have the best of the best from their wedding. We of course know the excitement of seeing your wedding images so in A Wave of the Wand Photography tradition we do post a few teaser's for you to enjoy on our Facebook page shortly after the wedding.


How will I receive my images? 

Once your images are ready, for viewing all of our clients receive an email with a link to their private online downloadable viewing gallery. This gallery is sharable and the best part, Family and Friends can order prints and so much more straight from the gallery and it's delivered directly to their door.


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