My Top 5 Tips Every Couple Should Know for an Awesome Engagement Session.

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 Howdy Folks,

 Since this is a common question that all of my clients ask  , What should I wear, What should I do to prepare for my upcoming Engagement Session, I thought I would share with you My Top 5 Tips that Every Couple Should Know for their Engagement Session. 




#1.) I am horrible at doing my hair and make-up - Okay what i mean is when it comes to those cute Pinterest up do's and make-up  tutorials - I always end up with an epic fail, One of the things I recommend to all of my clients is to Splurge and get your hair and make up done for your big day, ( If your like me and your hair and makeup challenged) It's one less thing to stress about and of course you will look beautiful. 


#2.) Add some layered looks to your outfits- get creatvie.  Hats , Sun glasses, scarves , you name it- cute dress with converse- Just remember to have a little fun . Bring "you" to the session.  


#3.)  Dress for your location- So you've got that drop dead gorgeous  outfit picked out, but the location you picked has lots of rocks, dirt and tree's , well maybe high heels weren't the best option.  So remember to pick your outfit with your location, If your daring bring the heels :) But if you still have questions, Please feel free to ask- We've got plenty of knowledge to point you in the right direction. 


#4.) Location, Location and Location- Why such an emphasis  on location you ask? We'll pick one that represents you and your spouse and your style, The location is just as important as your style, If you are wanting a dressed up to the nines type of session, then the middle of a field might not be the best location - But again we want a location that you are comfortable in and will rock of course. I've got plenty of suggestions if you need some help. 


#5.)  Relax- Just remember to relax and have fun .  Enjoy the time and the moment and you will have amazing engagement photos . 


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